Kossel Delta 3D Printer

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Kossel 3D Printer

Location: 3D Printer Desk
Ownership: Brandon Lu
Status: Fully Working
Usage Restrictions: Permission Required

3D Printer
Type: Reprap - Kossel

Build Volume: Diameter: 200mm, Height: 260mm
Materials: PLA, ABS

RepRap Kossel printer on loan from Brandon Lu.

General Advice and Precautions

Do not use without first getting permission from Brandon. Components such as the extruder are finicky and may be seriously damaged without the proper settings.



Do not let the extruder heat up without a powered fan. The recommended fan setting is always above 20%. The printer accepts fan commands in pulse-width-modulated counts ranging from 0 to 255. Always set the printer to a count of 51 or more counts when the extruder is heated up or it is expected to heat up.

Bed Leveling

Please consult Brandon before attempting to relevel the bed. Removing the glass with the parts before breaking the parts loose helps to reduce the need to frequently relevel the bed.


The Octoprint server can be reached at Login credentials can be found on the printer.

Slicing with Octoprint (easiest)

  1. Click "Upload" button
  2. Select the file you want to upload
  3. In the "Slicing *file you selected*" prompt, select slicing profile (Kossel, Kossel Support 1, Kossel Support 2). Support 1 generates support material only where the part overhangs above the bed while support 2 also generates support material where the part overhangs above itself.
  4. Click the "Slice" button.
  5. In the "files" section click the .gco file you just created.
  6. Click "GCode Viewer" tab on right half of the screen to view the slicer output. Layers can be viewed by dragging the sliders adjacent to the simulated platform area or by clicking the buttons.
  7. If you are satisfied with the slicer output, click "Print" in the "State" section of the page.
  8. The printer will initiate printing.


This is for setup. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to modify these values.

Serial Connection

Serial Port: Auto
Baudrate: 250000

Printer Profiles

Print bed & build volume

Form Factor: Circular
Heated Bed: Checked
Diameter (X/Y>: 200mm
Height (Z): 260mm


Maximum Feed Rate (X, Y, Z, E): 6000, 6000, 6000, 300
Invert Control: Unchecked


PLA & ABS: Preferred materials for this printer
TPE / TPC: Flexible filaments will not work reliably with Kossel printer since the printer has a bowden-tube extruder.


Head clogs

The printer has been clogged at least five times. Every clog was because of incorrect heat application and has required specialty repairs.

Lending Terms

Kossel Delta is currently on loan from User:BLu, hereinafter referred to as "owner."

Any member or visitor of MAG Laboratory, heinafter referred to as "user," may use the printer given the included configurations and with modifications of these printer configurations. Users excluding qualified 3d printer maintainers as defined by the owner shall not attempt alterations or repairs on the printer. Users excluding qualified 3d printer maintainers as defined by the owner shall not attempt to change filament on the printer. (Soon to change)