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The bylaws which govern MAGLaboratory may be found at the link below.

Bylaws on Google Drive

Board of Directors

The board of directors is defined in Article 8 of the bylaws.

A list of directors is as follows:

  • Ben (former VP)
  • Betsy (former President)
  • Brian (former^2 President)
  • Hong (Treasurer)
  • John C. (Founding Member)
  • Kevin (Secretary)
  • Richard (President)
  • Rosa (Former Secretary)


The officers are defined by Article 9 of the bylaws. Additional officers may be appointed by the President.

Executive Positions

The MAG Laboratory Executive Positions are defined by the bylaws in article 9 section 9.4. All positions must be filled. Neither the Secretary nor the Treasurer may also be the President.

Position Person Contact Email
President Richard President at MAGLaboratory dot org
Secretary Kevin Secretary at MAGLaboratory dot org
Treasurer Hong Treasurer at MAGLaboratory dot org

Duty Officers Officers

The MAG Laboratory Duty Officer positions are defined by the bylaws in article 9 section 9.5. Positions may be empty. There is no concurrency restriction.

Position Person Contact
Public Relations Officer Unfilled Socialmedia at MAGLaboratory dot org
Chief Technical Officer Brandon Lu Webdev at MAGLaboratory dot org
Chief Operations Officer Unfilled N/A
Quartermaster David N/A

Extra Officers

Extra officers are appointed positions by the president of MAG Laboratory.

Position Person Contact
Curator David N/A
Webdev Brandon Lu Webdev at MAGLaboratory dot org