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Hello, you have stumbled on the wiki homepage of Brandon.

Character Description

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

BWH: 84 72 93 cm

Handedness: Left

Keyboard: US-DVORAK

Brandon is a self-proclaimed ultra-distance cyclist in hiatus who derives euphoria from the thought of wandering far away. He completed the 2021 Super Randonneuring series in California, USA and decided to go on a bikepacking trip before having his bike stolen while on that journey. Brandon claims that bicycling has given meaning to his life and wants to move to the Netherlands where he can bicycle-commute without fear of vehicular manslaughter.

Brandon started his self-proclaimed "quarter life crisis" in August 2021 after quitting his job and has reached what he calls "Phase 4" which involves finding a job and moving. Phase 1 was cycling the Pacific Coast which technically was not completed. Phase 2 was making upgrades to the HAL makerspace monitor. Phase 3 was visiting the Netherlands to see if he would enjoy living there.

Current Role in MAG Lab

As of the annual meeting in 2023, Brandon continues to serve MAG Laboratory as its CTO.

Please direct your concerns about the website onto the Github issue tracker where we can better assist you.

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  • Joined MAG Laboratory in 2017-03-24 as a general member.
  • Became a keyed member in 2017-06-04.
  • Became the webmaster in the annual meeting on 2017-09-30.
  • Became the CTO in 2019-08-31.