K40 Laser Cutter

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Chinesium K40 Laser Cutter
K40 LaserCutter.jpg

Location: Electronics Room
Ownership: Mag Laboratory
Status: Fully Working / Upgrades Pending
Usage Restrictions: Laser Cutter Qualification

Laser Cutter

Brand: Chinesium
Model: K40
Quality: Prosumer/Professional
Cutting Area: TODO
Materials: TODO

Getting Started


General Advice and Precautions

Do not place hand along laser path.

Software Support





The K40 is a complex machine with a history of previous activity. Delve into the mysteries of this delightful machine here.


Aluminum Air Assist

2021-05-03 "Cloudray" aluminum air assist nozzle installed

Laser Tube

The laser tube was replaced after being broken from a loss of cooling incident on 2021-03-17.

Laser Path

The focusing mirror was broken on 2021-01-26 and subsequently replaced on 2021-02-01.

Air Assist Upgrades


User:BLu added a drag chain for the air assist on 2021-01-24.

The air assist pump and nozzle were installed on 2021-01-31.


User:BLu first aligned the laser on 2020-12-24.


The K40 laser cutter was purchased by User:BLu on 2020-12-03 and arrived at MAG Laboratory on 2020-12-07.

Future Upgrades

The K40 is due for many future upgrades including but not limited to:

  • air assist
  • height adjustable table
  • visible laser cutting locator