12" Axial Ventilation Fan

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12" Axial Ventilation Fan

Location: On the Ceiling towards the back
Ownership: Mag Laboratory
Status: Fully Working / Upgrades Pending
Required By: Turn on while using laser cutter


Brand: Unknown
Model: Unknown
Quality: Industrial
Watts: 420W


The 12" Axial Ventilation ceiling fan of questionable pedigree is in a sheet metal and fiberboard enclosure of questionable pedigree.

In the time when droplets of water fall from the sky, the fan enclosure leaks water into the interior of the makerspace. Nobody knows why.

The ceiling fan is placed on a ceiling perforation that was made before the industrial unit was rented by the makerspace. The perforation was originally for an 18" turbine ventilator.

Underneath the ceiling perforation, a plenum box of similarly questionable pedigree was constructed out of paper-backed foam board found in the dumpster.

Current Usage

Please run the ceiling fan when the laser cutter is running. Use the HAL display's Fan tab to control the fan.

As of 2021-04, the fan was upgraded to a Baldor CM3537 VFD controlled 3 phase motor. The VFD is Invertek model ODE-3-110043-1012.

Found Fan Speeds

The fan seems to hit a resonant node around 36Hz, so that frequency is avoided. The following are frequencies are empirically found to work well with the fan and not confuse the humans.

Name Off Low One Two High Turbo
Frequency 0 Hz 24 Hz 32 Hz 42 Hz 60 Hz 80 Hz

Old Modbus code reference

This code can be used to run the VFD while the Haldor Fan Controller is under development, but the drive is currently configured to be controlled via the control panel.

You may gain access to the controller by contacting User:BLu.

import minimalmodbus
from multitimer import MultiTimer
instr = minimalmodbus.Instrument("/dev/ttyS2", 1)
instr.serial.baudrate = 38400
runcmd = 0

# these registers can be found in the invertek manual


# these control word bits can be found in the invertek manual

ON = 1

def renew():
    global runcmd
    instr.write_register(CONTROL_WORD, runcmd)

timer = MultiTimer(interval = 1, function = renew)

instr.write_register(FREQ_SETPOINT, 300)
runcmd = ON

Future Usage

The ceiling fan is planned to also vent from the 3d printers when the ABS fume extraction apparati are installed. Please wait warmly.

The MODBUS code for controlling the fan is still under development.

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