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This page is dedicated to providing a short summary of the talking points that a space tour would have


The kitchen is an area at the head of the space where refrigerators containing foodstuffs are used.

Shop Area

The shop area is a general area where projects can be worked on.


The makerspace monitor

  • GUI on screen but under development
  • keycard access

Electronics Room

The electronics room is an area where electrical projects can be worked on.

3D Printers

There are at least four 3D printers in the electronics room.



  • PLA tested
  • ABS compatible
  • Heated bed
  • excellent final print quality
    • (actually better than the Zortrax somehow)
  • Whatever slicer



  • Main workhorse 3D printer
  • Critical uptime priority
  • ABS only
  • excellent final print quality
  • Proprietary Zortrax slicer


MP MakerSelectV2.jpg

  • Nickname IIIP
  • Low uptime priority
  • Experimental filaments
  • OctoPrint attached
  • "Good" final print quality
  • Whatever slicer

Test Equipment


  • 200MHz on the Analog Tektronix (teal box)
  • 60MHz on the Digital Chinesium GwInstek
  • old analog oscilloscope?

Function Generator

  • HP function generator
  • Gives your magic pixie waves

Power Supplies

  • Programmable Chinesium GwInstek power supply
    • 20V max
    • 6A max
  • Analog Power Supplies
    • They work?
  • Cal Poly Pomona Power Supply
    •  ?????
    • How did it even arrive here?

Soldering Station


  • Hot air reflow station


  • Power controlled desoldering station
  • for difficult-to-remove plated-through-hole components


  • Very nice soldering station

CSI (Hakko clone)

  • Nice soldering station
  • Interchangeable tips for oddball soldering jobs


  • Common parts, common resistors, common capacitors
  • Resistor library / capacitor library