Space Remodeling

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We are remodeling the space to include a few more features:

  • a presentation/meeting/lounge space for classes, talks, and workshops
  • a electronics/3D printer/laser room
  • a kitchenette with sink and stovetop

We have considered many concepts, and a variant on concept I is the winner! Further updates soon.

Concept I (WINNER)

MAG Layout Concept I top.png

Concept I Video Walkthrough

Concept A2

MAG Layout Concept A2 top.png

Concept A2 Video Walkthrough

Concept C

MAG Layout Concept C top.png

Concept C Video Walkthrough

Concept C2

MAG Layout Concept C2 top.png

Concept C2 Video Walkthrough

Concept C9

MAG Layout Concept C9 top.png

Concept C9 Video Walkthrough

Concept C10

MAG Layout Concept C10 top.png

Concept C10 Video Walkthrough