Shop Safety Test

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1. You observe someone doing something dangerous. The proper response is to _________. If the person continues to do it your next step is to _________.
Answer: Alert them and have them correct the issue. Escalate the issue to the Machining lead or a Maglab officer if the Machining lead is not available.
2. If you are unsure about how to operate a tool or machine you should _________.
Answer: Research the equipment and/or ask someone trained in the tool for instructions.
3. (T/F) It is safe to machine if alertness or coordination is compromised from the effects of fatigue, alcohol, or medication.
Answer: F
4. Machining alone is dangerous and should never be done in Maglab because _________.
Answer: There is no one to assist or call for help if any injuries occur.
5. _________ should be worn to protect the eyes and footwear such as _________ should not be worn while operating machinery.
Answer: Safety glasses and open toe shoes
6. Long hair, gloves, name badges, rings, and watches should not be worn while operating machinery because: _________. Long sleeves should be _________.
Answer: The items might get entangled in machinery. Rolled up or not worn
7. Sharp objects should be grasped using ____________. Whenever possible sharp edges should be _____________ to prevent cuts.
Answer: Gloves. Deburr/ rounded
8. A (Cluttered / Organized) environment should be maintained at all times.
Answer: Organized
9. You observe someone wrap up their work and leave without cleaning the machinery or putting tools away. You ______ (multiple choice)
a) Nicely clean the machinery for them
b) Alert them to clean the machinery
c) Escalate the issue to the Machining Lead or Mag Labs Officer if the problem persists.
Answer: b & c
10. Any damaged or broken tools should be reported to the Machining Lead because ______________ and so that the Maching Lead can __________________.
Answer: Broken tools can be dangerous and can hinder someone else’s progress. The tool can be replaced.
11. (T/F) Modifications can be done on a machine without notifying the Machining lead.
Answer: F