Meeting Minutes 2014-12-16

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Meeting begins 7:51pm


  • finances okay
  • 6 keyed members
  • 6 general members


  • discussion on moving into a larger space
  • talk about subletting the space to another business for a time
  • trent knows someone who wants 800 sqft for a printing press operation
  • large space is too big of a step, we will hold off
  • we will talk to property manager about taking any 2400 sqft as soon as available
  • will need to talk to emily to help with PR
  • talk to chuck about starting interest groups for amateur radio and tesla coil
  • start offering remote attendance of meetings
  • should look at improving usability of current space
  • computer acquired for file server

How to improve space

  • key features:
    • laser
    • workbench
    • internet
    • metalworking
    • electronics
  • want:
    • multipurpose space area
    • woodworking
    • more space
    • better electronics area

adjourn 9:34pm