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MagLab is located in the Big Valley Industrial Park in Pomona, CA. The address is on the main website.

It should be noted that the space is located in suburban Eastern Los Angeles where access by car is prioritized above all else including transit walkability and bikeability.

By Car

See the main website for the address and pictures of the turn-in off Valley Blvd.

If you're eastbound on Valley Blvd. and miss the first entrance because it sneaked up on 'ya around the curve, don't panic. There are 2nd and 3rd chances into the industrial park a few hundred feet down the road.


Unreserved parking is located around the concrete island in front of MagLab. There is usually space. Please avoid parking in front of of our industrial park neighbors.

Please also prioritize the limited space directly in front of our unit for those loading & unloading projects, unless it looks like you're going to be the only one here for a while. This isn't a big deal though.

By Bike

MagLab is within biking distance from CPP, or anywhere else for that matter, as long as you've got time. However, the only access is via Valley Blvd, which sees fast traffic and enough ill-behaved drivers. Therefore, it is recommended to be comfortable riding alongside cars and navigating unprotected left-turn lanes. The outer lanes are at least comfortably wide.

There is a sidewalk along the north side of Valley Blvd which ends a few hundred feet away from the entrance, so you'll have to be on the road for the last stretch. There is no sidewalk along the south side of Valley Blvd.


There are no bike racks. Feel free to bring your bike inside.

By Train

The closest Metrolink station is Industry. (3 mi.) This station is only served by the Metrolink Riverside line, and the trains departing from Union Station should state something akin to "Riverside via Industry Station." The timetable should be available by Metrolink's website. Do not use the Metrolink San Bernadino line since it goes to a line further North through East Los Angeles County.

The closest Metro station is APU / Citrus College serviced by the L Line (Gold). (11 to 16 mi.) The journey will take you up the infamously hilly Grand Avenue section between West Covina and Walnut, so be prepared.

Neither of these options are particularly close, but the journey is doable if you're comfortable on a bike or willing to walk an extended distance. The Metrolink train has a bike car.

By Bus

Foothill Transit has stops along Temple Ave 0.8 mi (1.35 km) to the East. Either covering the remaining distance by bicycle or by walking is possible but each comes with its own challenges. You will have to walk along Valley Blvd if you proceed by walking. You will have to manage to bike across treacherous amounts of cross traffic and make a left hand turn across a four lane boulevard if you proceed by bicycle.

By Foot

Getting to MagLab by foot is possible, but there are no continuous sidewalks to the entrance. The few people who have walked to MAG Laboratory do not recommend it.

By Air

Unfortunately, due to prior incidents, MagLab is not offering aviation services to manned aircraft at this time. However, there are several nearby airports.