Membership Info (the short version)


Guests are welcome to
  • visit the space
  • engage, talk, discuss, dance, play and enjoy themselves
  • partake in public festivities and fun
  • attend classes (fee may apply for some classes)
  • teach classes (please talk to an officer to work out details)
Guests are not allowed to
  • use equipment (unless accompanied by and helping a General Member)
  • harass, discriminate against, injure, maim, kill, or otherwise endanger others or themselves
  • damage, tamper with, or steal anything including but not limited to tools, supplies, equipment, personal belongings, and/or trash
  • disregard common sense or otherwise do anything illegal


General Members have all basic guest privileges and
  • can use the space whenever it is open
  • bring a guest to help them work on their project
  • must leave if the space is closing (last keyholder is leaving and locking up)
  • use our machines and equipment (heavy machinery requires safety test)
  • throw stuff away and take out the trash
  • use publicly available materials (please refill or donate for consumables that you use often)
  • can use a locker at the space (please bring your own lock)
  • should clean up their workspace
  • return equipment/tools/supplies to their designated location before leaving
General Members are not allowed to
  • do the stuff guests are not allowed to do (except explicitly listed above)
  • ignore safety procedures and guidelines
  • damage the space's property through overly excessive use or improper misuse
  • use the space for illegal activities or to create anything illegal
  • take or use other member's personal supplies and tools without permission


Keyholders have all General Member privileges and
  • get an rfid key allowing them to come and go whenever
  • must lock up if they are the last keyholder to leave
  • allow general members to use the space while they are there
  • run for officer positions if they're interested in helping with MAG Lab business or administration affairs (on a volunteer basis)
Keyholders are not allowed to
  • do the stuff Guests and General Members are not allowed to do (except explicitly listed above)
  • duplicate the RFID key or share it with others

Membership Information (the long version)

Guests / Visitors Free!

Anybody is free to visit the MAG Lab any time that the space is open. Many of our members are

We reserve the right to refuse service and entry for whatever reason. If there's a chance that a visitor's behavior might jeopardize safety or pose a risk, we'll ask them to leave. There are adverse consequences to disregarding common sense, especially when the machines are active.

General Members $50/month

Heavy machinery and other dangerous equipment like the welder require special permission to operate. There's a safety test and you must demonstrate that you can follow basic procedures to the section lead. This avoids potential accidents that harm yourself or damage the equipment.

Most of our members pay using the PayPal subscription link. Some members pay in cash, usually during one of the weekly Tuesday business meetings.

Keyholders $100/month

Keyholders get a key to the space. That comes with additional responsibilities, the most important of which is locking up the space when they leave.

Because of the additional responsibility, we ask that prospective keyholders try out the space for a month or two as a General Member before asking for keyed. Keyholders are vetted and must officially be accepted to be keyed during a Tuesday business meeting. It comes to a vote and always passes (or should). As long as they're not disrespectful to other members or did something alarming, there's no reason why anyone would disagree.

You don't absolutely have to, but it would be nice if you kept the doors open while you're at the space so that General Members can use it.

Officers Keyholder + extra work

This is the cream of the crop folks! Officers are Keyholder Members that have the responsibility to administrate and manage business affairs of Makers, Artists and Gadgeteers, Inc.

Officers work on a volunteer basis. They manage income, pay the bills and maintain the space. It's a tough job.

There are a limited number of officer positions that are voted on during the Annual Meeting (usually in or around September). Special positions are the President, Secretary and Treasurer. A few other officers help these three do their job.

As part of our by laws, all officers must also be Keyholders and serve an annual term until the next annual meeting. We try to maintain an odd number of officers for voting purposes.

Curator General + extra work

There is a special General Member position called the Curator. It provides a key at General Member pricing in exchange for keeping the space open for extra hours in the week.

The Curator changes every once in a while if a new General Member wants to take up the position. If interested, please attend a Tuesday business meeting and ask about it.

Sign ups and applications will be posted when a new selection round begins.

Members Section / Dashboard

All members will have an account created in our Members Section to manage billing history and basic contact information.


The following are plans for the future concerning membership. They may or may not be implemented:

  • Every member gets an rfid card. Key members use the same card to open the door. General and Keyed use the cards to activate/reserve a machine. This ensures only members that pass the safety test and verified safe to use machines can be used. Helps avoid dangerous situations like self-maiming and loss of limb from misuse of hardware.