We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit hackerspace / makerspace and collaborative workspace based in Pomona, CA.

We enjoy giving back to the community by providing a creative space and project help and guidance.

People come to our space to work on projects, explore their inner artists, make cool gadgets, and interact with a community of like-minded individuals.

We are makers, artists, DIYers, hobbyists, combat robot creators, ham radio amateurs, tech enthusiasts and...well... just normal people, doing stuff regular people do. (except MAG Cat, he has cat duties.)

Join us and work on your projects here. Share it. Inspire others! Get inspired. They might share some tips and tricks or even be interested in joining your project. There's a lot of expertise in our members and many are happy to share their knowledge.

And if you don't like us enough to join in holy makermony, you're still welcome visit anytime. Check the calendar, Facebook and Wiki to see what MAGLab is doing.


We have a wall full of general-purpose tools and supplies like screw drivers, tape measures, drills, hammers, saws, and much more

The (partially) sound-insulated presentation room with AC, a projector and whiteboard services our meetings. The electronics room has a lazer cutter, 3d printers, variable power supplies, oscilloscopes, a logic analyzer, soldering iron and other electro-doodads.

The workshop houses a mill, lathe, drill press, grinder, jig saw, forge and other destructive machines. If you're woodworking or metalworking, chances are we have a machine for your needs.

We have a restroom with working toilet, and sink, and running water.

You could say that we have everything and a kitchen sink .


You're welcome to come and check us out!

We don't always plan our open hours... The space is open whenever a key member or officer is at the space. Our doors are always open Tuesday and Friday evenings for our business meetings and open project night respectively. There's a public monthly Open House on the last Saturday of every month.

To see if we're open right now, please check with our resident deliberately-not-very-sentient sensor system, codenamed HAL. Click to see HAL.

If the date is not on the calendar, it's always safe (and advised) to give us a call to check if--and for how long--the space will be open by the time you arrive.

The calendar does not list unplanned open times that occur when a keyed member is present.

Membership Info

More information available on the Membership page


Guests are welcome to
  • visit the space
  • engage, talk, discuss, dance, play and enjoy themselves
  • partake in public festivities and fun
  • attend classes (fee may apply for some classes)
  • teach classes (please talk to an officer to work out details)
Guests are not allowed to
  • use equipment (unless accompanied by and helping a General Member)
  • harass, discriminate against, injure, maim, kill, or otherwise endanger others or themselves
  • damage, tamper with, or steal anything including but not limited to tools, supplies, equipment, personal belongings, and/or trash
  • disregard common sense or otherwise do anything illegal


General Members have all basic guest privileges and
  • can use the space whenever it is open
  • bring a guest to help them work on their project
  • must leave if the space is closing (last keyholder is leaving and locking up)
  • use our machines and equipment (heavy machinery requires safety test)
  • throw stuff away and take out the trash
  • use publicly available materials (please refill or donate for consumables that you use often)
  • can use a locker at the space (please bring your own lock)
  • should clean up their workspace
  • return equipment/tools/supplies to their designated location before leaving
General Members are not allowed to
  • do the stuff guests are not allowed to do (except explicitly listed above)
  • ignore safety procedures and guidelines
  • damage the space's property through overly excessive use or improper misuse
  • use the space for illegal activities or to create anything illegal
  • take or use other member's personal supplies and tools without permission


Keyholders have all General Member privileges and
  • get an rfid key allowing them to come and go whenever
  • must lock up if they are the last keyholder to leave
  • allow general members to use the space while they are there
  • run for officer positions if they're interested in helping with MAG Lab business or administration affairs (on a volunteer basis)
Keyholders are not allowed to
  • do the stuff Guests and General Members are not allowed to do (except explicitly listed above)
  • duplicate the RFID key or share it with others

If you're interested and want more details, please see the Membership page or contact us.