Machining Certification

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Certification Process:

Certification consists of two portions: the written test and the practical test. The written test consists of Shop Safety Test and the Machine Operation Test. The requirement for passing is 100% and there is no limit to the number of times one can attempt the test.
The practical test consists of the machining of two parts: one on the lathe and one on the mill. The drawings will be provided at the beginning of the test session. Assuming proficiency in both tools, the parts can be completed in under 30 minutes. The practical can be substituted with the passing of the written portion at a score of 100% in the first attempt, a basic demonstration of both machines, and the presentation of parts created using both machines. The administrator of the test may ask questions pertaining to the presented parts to validate proficiency in machining processes.

Written Safety Test:

Learning Resources:

Note: Since creating a learning curriculum is quite time intensive and that a comprehensive online resource does not seem to exist online, I have posted some links I find relevant. Please note that web pages are constantly changing so please notify me of any dead or broken links or if there are any resources worth posting mailto:[email protected]

Glacern (CNC & Manual)

Smithy videos 2-10 (Manual)